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Poul Georg Moses - Renewable electricity as a feed stock for the chemical industry

Heavy industry and long-haul transportation are responsible for a large percentage of humanity's greenhouse-gas emissions In these sectors, direct electrification is not enough. They need…

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Klaus S. Lackner - The Energy Transition and the Role of Direct Air Capture

The rapid drop in the price of renewable energy portends massive changes in the world’s energy infrastructure and offers hope that climate change can be addressed. Incumbent fossil fuel…

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Jamie Spangler - Reprogramming the immune response through biomolecular engineering

The repertoire of naturally occurring proteins is finite and many molecules induce multiple confounding effects, limiting their efficacy as therapeutics. Recently, there has been a growing interest…

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Victor M. Zavala - Thinking About Data: Representations, Transformations, and Applications

A dataset can be represented in different mathematical forms; for example, a micrograph can be represented as an image, as a matrix, as a graph (network), or as an intensity function. These…

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John Flake - Progress Towards the Industrialization of Electrochemical CO2 Reduction

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Lynden Archer - Electrokinetics, Transport and Stability of Metal/Electrolyte Interfaces in Secondary Batteries

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Kristen Fichthorn - Shape-Selective Growth of Nanoscale Materials: Insights From Multi-Scale Theory and Simulation

Metal nanocrystals have gained tremendous attention due to their superior performance in various applications, ranging from selective catalysis to electronic devices to plasmonic applications, such…

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Ashlee F. Versypt - Multiscale Modeling of Tissues, Treatments, & Toxicology

The Systems Biomedicine and Pharmaceutics research lab at Oklahoma State University led by Dr. Ford Versypt focuses on developing and utilizing multiscale systems engineering approaches including…

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Valerie J. Kuck - Why Are There So Few Female Faculty Members in Several STEM Fields? What Needs to Be Done?

Since 2009 women have received a majority of the doctoral degrees granted by U.S. institutions.In several scientific fields women have made great strides, whereas in a number of STEM areas the…

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Christaan Richter - World’s First Commercial CO2 to Methanol Plant

The George Olah CO2 to methanol plant, commissioned in April 2012, currently produces ~ 5 million liters/year renewable methanol and capture and convert up to ~ 5600 ton CO2/year [Lim 2016, Nature,…

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Amanda Dannemiller Learner Profile

Amanda Dannemiller, Georgia Tech's Professional Master's in Manufacturing Leadership graduate, talks about how the program influenced her leadership style.

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Charles Musgrave - Computational Design of Organic Photocatalysis

Inorganic catalysts have been workhorses in many important industrial processes while many biological systems, such as photosynthesis, rely on organic catalysts. In this talk I will discuss the use…

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Biomass as fuel and feedstock for reduction of carbon emissions - Erica Belmont

Biomass holds great promise as a fuel or feedstock for carbon-neutral or even carbon-negative processes, including power, heat and chemical production. This talk discusses pathways for biomass…

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Martin Z. Bazant - Electrokinetic Control of Interfacial Instabilities

This talk will describe three examples of interfacial patterns – viscous fingers, deionization shocks, and metal dendrites – whose stability can be controlled by electrokinetic phenomena…

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Lauren Greenlee - FexNi1-xO(H)y Nanocatalysts for Alkaline Electrocatalysis

Sustainability in energy conversion processes requires materials that are designed to be high-performance and durable, yet cost-effective. Alkaline electrochemical systems provide an opportunity to…

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Chang Lu - Epigenomic profiling with ultralow-input microfluidic assays: technology, biology, and medicine

Epigenome dictates turning on and off genes during normal development and diseases, forming another layer of regulation on top of gene sequence. Epigenome is cell-type-specific and highly dynamic…

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