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Andrea S. Rutledge - Construction Management is Leadership Development

Construction managers lead the complex process of creating elements of the built environment. These skills are qualitative and interpersonal and call on each of us to think creatively about people.…

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Martin Bechthold - Multi-Scalar Design: Material Matters

Advances in material science, computation, and robotics are empowering the role materials can take in shaping buildings towards novel aesthetics and performative outcomes. Work at Harvard’s…

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Session J: Global Learning Center Room 222

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IP10 Structured Polynomial Systems in Cryptography

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IP2 On the Stability of Solutions in Numerical Algebraic Geometry

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A Bridge Between Architecture and Civil Engineering - Santiago Calatrava

Special public lecture presented on December 13, 2013 from 2:00- 3:00 pm in the LeCraw Auditorium, Scheller College of Business.

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5-5-2015 Library Design and Construction Updates

Library Design and Construction Update. Duration: 110:33 minutes

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