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Georgia Tech’s First-Generation College Celebration: A Panel Discussion

Join us for a panel discussion with Georgia Tech faculty and staff as they share their experiences of being the first student in their family to graduate from college. Through this event, we will…

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Provost Rafael Bras Celebration Event

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends are invited to participate in a thank you event honoring Provost Rafael L. Bras as he steps down after 10 years as the Institute's chief academic…

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Thomas D. Jones - Sky Walking: An Astronaut's Journey

After graduating from the USAF Academy, Thomas David Jones served on active duty as an Air Force officer for 6 years. After pilot training in Oklahoma, he flew strategic bombers at Carswell Air…

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Javier Ávila - The Trouble with My Name

A humor-filled one-man show by Javier Avila that embraces the autobiographical journey of a man who moves between cultures to provide a fascinating perspective of American Latinos who struggle to…

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The Realities of Resilience: An Authentic Leadership Discussion

In this rare and candid panel discussion, Georgia Tech leaders share insights on building personal resilience. Through their own stories of adversity, opportunity, tragedy and triumph, the panel will…

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The Powers that Be: How Decisions from the Executive and Legislative Branches Impact F and J Visa Holders - Danielle Claffey

Attorney Danielle Claffey (Immigration Law) presents up-to-date information on current administration, with guidance to best support foreign national students in the Georgia Tech international…

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Free Speech, Political Correctness – Any Boundaries? - Kathleen T. Gosden, Kathleen A. Wasch

This session will shed light on some of the following issues: What kind of speech is and is not protected by the First Amendment? What laws and other considerations apply to speeches on campus, from…

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Session F: Global Learning Center Room 222

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Leave Policies at Georgia Tech - Susan Cozzens, Kim Cobb, Julie Joyce, Kevin Merkel

In this session, attendees had have the opportunity to have their questions about leave policies for faculty and staff answered by campus experts, and hear about proposed modifications to ASMD…

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Bullying in the Workplace: How to spot it? What to do about it? - Pearl Alexander, Kim Harrington, Laura Hollengreen

Bullying is an insidious assertion of power over someone deemed by the bully to be vulnerable. It often happens out of the blue, making it hard to anticipate and counteract in the moment. Longer…

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The Nuts and Bolts of Immigration Sponsorship in the U.S - Feige Grundman

The Office of International Education will be hosting an informational presentation covering employment and family-based pathways for temporary and permanent visas in the U.S. including H-1B work…

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Intellectual Property Seminar Series: Trademark for Business - Craig Morris

Trademark for Business Program Overview:This session is led by Mr. Craig Morris, Managing Attorney for Trademark Educational Outreach. He will discuss the following topics:How trademarks, copyrights,…

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Georgia Tech International Alumni Panel: Job Discussion - Tanveer Chandok, Liz Kazungu, Adhi Murali, Francisco Javier Valdes, Joseph Max Veve II

Meet a panel of Georgia Tech alumni who are former international students. These alumni will give an informal discussion of how they navigated U.S. hiring cycles and workplace culture. There will be…

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