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Wendy H. Wong - We, the Data: Human Rights in the Digital Age

Wong’s We, the Data is a rallying call for extending human rights beyond our physical selves — and why we need to reboot rights in our data-intensive world. Exploring the pervasiveness of…

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Gordon Berman - Themes and Variations in Animal Behavior

The Berman lab uses theoretical, computational, and data-driven approaches to gain quantitative insight into entire repertoires of animal behaviors, aiming to make connections to the neurobiology,…

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Oliver Haimson — Trans Technologies

My forthcoming book Trans Technologies (MIT Press, 2025) examines the world of trans technologies: apps, health resources, games, art, AR/VR, and other types of technology designed to help address…

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Steven Balakirsky - Knowledge Driven Robotics: What the future holds

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Animesh Garg - Foundation Models for Decision Making in Robotics: LLMs & Pre-Training

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Zsolt Kira - Robotics in the Era of Vision-Language Foundation Models

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Brad Range & Daniel Olivero - Reliable Robotics at Scale

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Ye Zhao - Safe Humanoid Locomotion and Navigation: Challenges and Opportunities

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Shreyas Kousik - Safety for Widespread Robot Autonomy

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Karen Feigh - Expectations and Needs for Interaction in Human Robot Interaction

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Seth Hutchinson - Robotics Days for Industry 2023 Welcome and Overview

IRIM hosted Robotics Days for Industry on Wednesday and Thursday, November 29-30, 2023 in Klaus Advanced Computing Building (Room 1116) located at 266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta GA, 30332.

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Feifei Qian - Robotic Locomotion and Sensing on Deformable Terrains

Achieving robust mobility on natural and deformable terrains is pivotal for robots to operate effectively in real-world scenarios. Despite remarkable progress in robotics hardware and software,…

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Brendan David-John — Providing Privacy for Eye-Tracking Data with Applications in XR

Eye-tracking sensors track where a user looks and are being increasingly integrated into mixed-reality devices. Although critical applications are being enabled, there are significant possibilities…

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Daniel Epstein — Towards More Meaningful Personal Tracking

Personal tracking through digital technologies like pedometers, mood monitoring apps, and food journaling apps has great potential to help people begin to change their behaviors, understand their…

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Nazanin Andalibi — Emotion AI in the Future of Work

Emotion AI, increasingly used in mundane (e.g., entertainment) to high-stakes (e.g., education, healthcare, workplace) contexts, refers to technologies that claim to algorithmically recognize,…

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Casey Fiesler — Three Lessons Towards Ethical Tech

Hardly a day passes without a new technology ethics scandal in the news — from privacy violations on social media to biased algorithms to controversial data collection practices. In computing…

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