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MS-HCI Program — Recent Master's Projects

Jordan Hill: Designing a Contextualized Educational Tool for Multi-Pollutant Air Quality DataThis project follows a human-centered design process and involves research, design, prototyping, testing,…

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Session 4: The Interaction of Privacy & Autonomy

1:00-2:15pm – Session 4 Yanni Loukissas, Ph.D. All Data Are Local Swati Gupta - Mathematics of Fair Selection Algorithms Library Host - Ameet Doshi

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Session 1: The Interaction of Privacy & Autonomy

9:15-10:30am – Session 1 Aaron Santesso, Ph.D. - Why Privacy Matters: The History of an Idea Rachel Cummings, Ph.D. - Differential Privacy: Foundations, Applications, and Future Directions …

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Session 2: The Interaction of Privacy & Autonomy

10:30-11:45am – Session 2 Peter Swire, Esq. - European and American Approaches to Privacy and Autonomy Sauvik Das, Ph.D. - Social Cybersecurity: Reshaping Security Through an Empirical…

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Keynote: The Interaction of Privacy & Autonomy

2:15-3:30pm – Session 5: keynote Alison Macrina, Founder of the Library Freedom Project Library Host - Catherine Manci

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Welcome: The Interaction of Privacy & Autonomy

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Smart and Connected Soft Bioelectronics for Advancing Human Healthcare and Human-Machine Interfaces

In this talk, Dr. Yeo will share the results of the fundamental study in soft materials, flexible mechanics, nanomanufacturing, and machine learning to develop soft electronics. In addition, he…

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Student Participants 2016-17

In the lab's first year, DILAC supported many courses and projects that fostered undergraduate learning in both digital tools and the humanities. The students reflect on how their projects have…

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DILAC Project: Technical Arts Practicum by Brian Magerko

In Associate Professor Brian Magerko's course focused on computational creativity, undergraduate and graduate students from various disciplines have the opportunity to explore ideas of…

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DILAC Project: Historical Data Visualization by Lauren Klein

Through the Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center, LMC Prof. Lauren Klein and students are working on a project to digitally recreate and reinterpret a data visualization created by Elizabeth…

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The Physics of Genes and the Promise of Personalized Medicine - Alek Aksimentiev

The twenty-first century is poised to see dramatic advances in medicine. The rapid after water and oxygen, is the most famous molecule of life known. This is not surprising, as the eye-catching…

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Universality of transport coefficients in the HaldaneHubbard model - Alessandro Giuliani

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Emergent Pfaffian Relations in QuasiPlanar Models - Michael Aizenman

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A class of asymmetric gapped Hamiltonians on quantum spin chains and its characterization - Yoshiko Ogata

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