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Ellen Zegura - Old and New Challenges in Networking, Including the Computing Kind

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Steven R. White - Just Enough Entanglement: Simulating Quantum Systems without a Quantum Computer

The general solution of many-particle quantum systems is exponentially complex, requiring a quantum computer to solve. But for many of the most important properties of realistic experimental systems,…

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Emilio Ferrer - Modeling Developmental Processes Using Accelerated Cohort-Sequential Data

Studying the time-related course of psychological processes is a challenging endeavor, particularly over long developmental periods. Accelerated longitudinal designs (ALD) allow capturing such…

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Klaus S. Lackner - The Energy Transition and the Role of Direct Air Capture

The rapid drop in the price of renewable energy portends massive changes in the world’s energy infrastructure and offers hope that climate change can be addressed. Incumbent fossil fuel…

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Josiah Dykstra - Invisible Security: Protecting Users with No Time to Spare

For over 50 years, the cybersecurity community has sought to protect vulnerable systems and users from victimization. Despite ongoing and valiant work at adoption and usability, some users cannot or…

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Randall S. Deutsch - Dreamers of the Day: Designing Possibilities

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Daniel Floryan - Charting dynamics from data

We often find ourselves working with systems for which governing equations are unknown, or if they are known, they may be high-dimensional to the point of being difficult to analyze and prohibitively…

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Xiaoxing Xi - Crackdown on Academic Collaboration with China Harms American Science

Academic collaboration with China was once encouraged by the US government and universities. As tension between the two countries rises rapidly, those who did, especially scientists of Chinese…

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Nadiya Kostyuk - Deterrence in the Cyber Realm: Public versus Private Cyber Capacity

Can cyber deterrence work? Existing scholarly works argue that deterrence by punishment using cyberattacks is ineffective because the difficulty of attributing the origin of cyberattacks makes the…

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Jonathan Fuller, Carter Yagemann, Sena Sahin - GT Cybersecurty Students Preview Research Appearing at ACM Computer and Communications Security Conference (CCS)

Jonathan Fuller, c3pO: Large-Scale Study Of Covert Monitoring of C&C Servers via Over-Permissioned Protocol Infiltration Current techniques to monitor botnets towards disruption or takedown are…

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Carlos Pérez De Jesús - Data-driven estimation of inertial manifold dimension for chaotic Kolmogorov flow and time evolution on the manifold

Model reduction techniques have previously been applied to evolve the Navier-Stokes equations in time, however finding the minimal dimension needed to correctly capture the key dynamics is not a…

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Michael Graham, Kevin Zeng - Deep Reinforcement Learning Using Data-Driven Reduced-Order Models Discovers and Stabilizes Low Dissipation Equilibria

Part 2: Deep reinforcement learning (RL), a data-driven method capable of discovering complex control strategies for high-dimensional systems, requires substantial interactions with the target…

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Mikhail Shifman - The Beginning of the Quantum Era

Shifman reviews the growth of quantum physics from its inception in the beginning of the 20th century to its maturity 50 years later. His narrative includes dramatic stories of the quantum pioneers…

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David Woods - How to Kill Zombie Ideas: Why do people tenaciously believe myths about the relationship between people & technology?

Zombie ideas plague much of the discussions on deploying AI and other autonomous machine capabilities into fields of human activity. People consistently mis-envision the impact of deploying these…

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Michael Graham, Alec Linot - Data-driven dimension reduction, dynamic modeling, and control of complex chaotic systems

PART 1Speaker Mike Graham Overview: Data-driven dimension reduction, dynamic modeling, and control of complex chaotic systemsOur overall aim is to combine ideas from dynamical systems theory and…

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Jamie Spangler - Reprogramming the immune response through biomolecular engineering

The repertoire of naturally occurring proteins is finite and many molecules induce multiple confounding effects, limiting their efficacy as therapeutics. Recently, there has been a growing interest…

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