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Dhanaraj Thakur — Finding the Sweet Spot: Working At The Intersection Between Research and Technology Policy

How can we design research that informs technology policy debates?How can research help advance human rights advocacy in those debates?And at the same time how can that research be novel and offer a…

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MS-HCI Program — Recent Master's Projects

Abstracts:Captioning Group Conversations on Smart Glasses for People Who Are Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing, Gabriel BritainPeople who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing (DHH) tend to avoid group conversations with…

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Taylor Sloop - Porosity Allows for Tuning of Dynamic Tensile Failure

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Michelle Quizon - Treating Type 1 Diabetes: Delivery of Cells in Gels

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Abigail Paulson - Rhythms to the Rescue: Sensory flicker as a potential therapeutic for Alzheimer’s disease

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Timothy Min - Inducing Empathy Among Strangers Through Biofeedback-Controlled Stimuli

As interfaces and installations controlled by biofeedback continue to grow in popularity, the opportunities for these systems to elicit empathy must be further explored and developed. Past research…

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Jonathan Gosyne - Going Off Road- Moving in Sand, Snow, Mud

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Zeou Dou - Selective Ion Separation for Sustainable Agriculture

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Abigail Diering - Sugar Transport in Nitrogen Fixing Plant Bacteria Symbiosis For Biofuel Crops

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Ashley Alva - Tracking Immune Cells with Ultrasound for Diagnosis of Cancer

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Aniruddh Sarkar - Micro-/Nano-scale Tools for Biomarker Discovery and Electronic Point-of-Care Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases

The current COVID-19 pandemic and other recent outbreaks such as Ebola, MERS, SARS and H1N1 have underscored the need for early detection and continued surveillance of emerging and re-emerging…

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“KARMALINK” (2021) Q&A with Director Jake Wachtel

In-person screening and Q&A with director Jake Wachtel of the family mystery-adventure film “Karmalink.” Shot on location in the Khmer language with English subtitles,…

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Michelle J. Johnson - Feasibility and acceptability of using affordable robots for persons with motor and/or cognitive impairments in low-resource settings

Robots in Medicine are here to stay. While their use in medicine and rehabilitation is increasing in high income countries, there is still a need to find ways to extend their utility to more diverse…

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D. Zeb Rocklin - Rigidity percolation in a random tensegrity via analytic graph theory

Tensegrities are mechanical structures that include cable-like elements that are strong and lightweight relative to rigid rods yet support only extensile stress. From suspension bridges to the…

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Brian C. Sawyer - Compact Penning Traps for Quantum Science with Cold Atomic Ions

Penning ion traps are useful experimental platforms for quantum simulation, mass spectrometry, precision metrology, and molecular ion spectroscopy. The GTRI Quantum Systems Division (QSD) has…

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Courtney Crooks - Cyberpsychology & Future of Cybersecurity Research

Cyberpsychology is the interdisciplinary study of the psychology of cyberspace and those who use the tools of cyberspace. This field identifies and explores the overlap between online and offline…

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