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Saibal Mukhopadhyay - Hybrid Machine Learning for Complex Systems: Algorithm and Architecture to Couple Model-Based and Data-Driven Learning

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Jennifer Hasler - Reconfigurable and Programmable Physical Computing for a Digital Computing World

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Peter Kogge - Migratory Memory-side Processing - Breakthrough Architecture for Graph Analytics

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Dana Randall - Emergent Computation in Active Matter

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Moinuddin Qureshi - Architecture and Compiler Support for Near-Term Quantum Computers

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David Womble - An Overview of AI Initiative and Research at ORNL

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Tushar Krishna - DNN-Dataflow- Hardware Co-Design for Enabling Pervasive General-Purpose AI

The development of supervised learning based DL solutions today is mostly open loop. A typical DL model iscreated by hand-tuning the neural network (NN) topology by a team of experts over multiple…

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Jason Poovey - The Center for Health Analytics and Informatics (CHAI) – Observational Health Data Analytics at Scale

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Jason Riedy - CRNCH Rogues Gallery Update: A Community Core for Novel Computing Platforms

In one classic sense a rogue is someone who goes their own way, who breaks away from the crowd. TheCRNCH Rogues Gallery aims to support computer architecture rogues by being a physical and…

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Welcome by Dean Zvi Galil and Vivek Sarkar, Professor and CRNCH Co-director

The Center for Research into Novel Computing Hierarchies (CRNCH) is an Interdisciplinary Research Center at Georgia Tech. Its researchers are poised on the forefront of the next computing revolution,…

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