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Gleb Yushin - Next Generation Materials as the Foundation for Future Li-Ion Batteries

During the last 30 years the evolutionary improvements in lithium-ion battery (LIB) technologies increased LIB volumetric and gravimetric energy densities by over 3 times and reduced cell price by up…

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Ellen Zegura - Old and New Challenges in Networking, Including the Computing Kind

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Frank Tong - Investigating the basis of noise-robust object recognition in humans and convolutional neural networks

It has been claimed that convolutional neural networks (CNNs) have now achieved human-level performance at object recognition tasks. However, modest changes to the object stimuli or to the viewing…

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David N. Ku - Novel Ways to Use POC and Nanotechnology in Clinical Medicine

Nano and microtechnologies have a big potential to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases. In this seminar, I will highlight three examples that may be unusual to the…

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Ann Majewicz Fey - From Tool to Assistant: Towards Developing Adaptive Surgical Robots for the Operating Room

Human-generated, preventable errors, particularly those made intra-operatively, can lead to morbidity and mortality for thepatient poor training outcomes for residents, and high costs for the…

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Robert M. Craig - Writing Books: Random Thoughts about the Busy Life of a Georgia Tech Professor

Dr. Robert M. Craig is Professor Emeritus of the College of Design and author of 13 books, including several illustrated studies of Atlanta architecture. He is an architectural historian and…

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Josiah Dykstra - Invisible Security: Protecting Users with No Time to Spare

For over 50 years, the cybersecurity community has sought to protect vulnerable systems and users from victimization. Despite ongoing and valiant work at adoption and usability, some users cannot or…

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Randall S. Deutsch - Dreamers of the Day: Designing Possibilities

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Kamesh Munagala - Group Fairness in Combinatorial Optimization

Consider the following classical network design model. There are n clients in a multi-graph with a single sink node. Each edge has a cost to buy, and a length if bought; typically, costlier edges…

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Matthew T. Mason - Robotics and Warehouse Automation at Berkshire Grey

This talk tells the Berkshire Grey story, from its founding in 2013 to its IPO earlier this year — the first robotics IPO since iRobot over 15 years ago. Berkshire Grey produces automated…

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Yue Chen - Tentacle-like Continuum Robots for Minimally Invasive Surgery

Intelligent animals are able to safely interact with their environments, whether those environments are hard or soft, and over a wide range of geometry. Modern robots made from serially arranged…

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Todd E. White - Lessons Learned from Behavioral and Molecular Characterization of Chronic Preclinical TBI

As many as 30% of Veterans have suffered traumatic brain injury (TBI). Even with mild TBI (mTBI), the effects of the injury can be detrimental to the Veteran’s quality of life. Persistent…

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Nadiya Kostyuk - Deterrence in the Cyber Realm: Public versus Private Cyber Capacity

Can cyber deterrence work? Existing scholarly works argue that deterrence by punishment using cyberattacks is ineffective because the difficulty of attributing the origin of cyberattacks makes the…

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Jonathan Fuller, Carter Yagemann, Sena Sahin - GT Cybersecurty Students Preview Research Appearing at ACM Computer and Communications Security Conference (CCS)

Jonathan Fuller, c3pO: Large-Scale Study Of Covert Monitoring of C&C Servers via Over-Permissioned Protocol Infiltration Current techniques to monitor botnets towards disruption or takedown are…

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Mikhail Shifman - The Beginning of the Quantum Era

Shifman reviews the growth of quantum physics from its inception in the beginning of the 20th century to its maturity 50 years later. His narrative includes dramatic stories of the quantum pioneers…

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Reuth Mirsky - The Seeing Eye Robot: Developing a Human-Aware Artificial Collaborator

Automated care systems are becoming more tangible than ever: recent breakthroughs in robotics and machine learning can be used to address the need for automated care created by the increasing aging…

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