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Emilio Ferrer - Modeling Developmental Processes Using Accelerated Cohort-Sequential Data

Studying the time-related course of psychological processes is a challenging endeavor, particularly over long developmental periods. Accelerated longitudinal designs (ALD) allow capturing such…

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David Woods - How to Kill Zombie Ideas: Why do people tenaciously believe myths about the relationship between people & technology?

Zombie ideas plague much of the discussions on deploying AI and other autonomous machine capabilities into fields of human activity. People consistently mis-envision the impact of deploying these…

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Andrew R. A. Conway - General Intelligence Explained (Away)

For more than a century, the standard view in the field of human intelligence has been that there is a “general intelligence” that permeates all human cognitive activity. This general…

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Andrew Mark Williams - Perceptual-Cognitive Expertise

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Stephan Lewandowsky - Resisting the Knowledge Dementors: The Truth about “Post-Truth”

We are said to live in a “post-truth” era in which “fake news” has replaced real information, denial has compromised science, and the ontology of knowledge and truth has taken…

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Anna Schapiro - Learning distributed representations in the human brain

The remarkable success of neural network models in machine learning has relied on the use of distributed representations — activity patterns that overlap across related inputs. Under what…

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Jerome R. Busemeyer - Temporal oscillations in preference strength provide evidence for a quantum-Markov open system model of preference evolution

We examined how preferences evolve across time in two new experiments, one using choices between restaurants and a second using choices between gambles. In both we observed that mean preference…

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Neal Kingston - It's the end of testing as we know it... and I feel fine

Neal Kingston will not sing about where testing needs to go.That's great, testing needs an earthquake E C D, and D C M, and Embretson is not afraid Eye of a hurricane, Markov chains must churn…

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Ashley Whillans - Alleviating time poverty among the working poor

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Kimberly French - Work, Family, and Physiological Health

Work and family are two core sources of personal identity, facilitating joy, accomplishment, and belonging. At the same time, work and family roles may conflict with one another, resulting in…

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