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Randall S. Deutsch - Dreamers of the Day: Designing Possibilities

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Vernelle A. A. Noel - Computers, Craft, and Culture: Creative and Critical Inquiry into Computation Design

Craft and cultural design practices are vehicles for people’s histories and knowledges, and are dependent on their social, cultural, and political contexts. On the other hand, software…

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Ryan Roark - Mechanicsville 2030: The Past, Present, and Possible Future of One of Atlanta's Oldest Neighborhoods

This lecture is an introduction to her upcoming exhibition of the same name at the Atlanta Preservation Center, opening September 24. The exhibition will feature a series of proposals—some by…

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Danielle Willkens - Reactivate: Preservation and Interpretation in 4D

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Redesigning Cities with the Green New Deal

Season 3 Redesigning Cities: the Speedwell Talks @ Georgia Tech kicked off on September 9 with Redesigning Cities with the Green New Deal. Nancy Levinson of Places led the conversation with Billy…

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Equity in Architecture Forum: Show, Tell, and Do

Equity in Architecture at Georgia Tech is hosting their second annual Forum. This year's theme is Show, Tell, and Do. Julia Gamolina, our keynote speaker, will speak on gender and minority…

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Daniel Wood - Anthropocenitecture

How do we design in the age of the Anthropocene? How can we address issues and problems that seem so much bigger than architecture…despite architecture’s proven contributions to global…

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Lydia Kallipoliti - History Machines: The Deviant Practice of Inhabiting Information

The tentative term “history machine” is a medium of immersive scholarship lingering between reality and fiction, with which I examine, redesign, and reimagine archives. I see archives,…

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Ivan Blasi - European Stories: European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - Mies Van Der Rohe Award

Ivan Blasi, curator of awards and programs at the Mies van der Rohe Foundation, was born in Barcelona in 1976. He cofounded the architectural practice 100 arquitectura in 2003 with two partners and…

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James Park - Shape Machine and Parametrics

11:15 - 11:30 AM - Shape Machine and Parametrics James Park, BSArch, MArch PhD Student and Research Assistant Shape Computation Lab Georgia Institute of Technology

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Tzu-Chieh Kurt Hong - Shape Machine and Interpreters

11:00- 11:15AM - Shape Machine and Interpreters Tzu-Chieh Kurt Hong, BE, ME PhD Student and Research Assistant Shape Computation Lab Georgia Institute of Technology

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Cvetelina Hill - Shape Machine and Shape Signature

10:45 - 11:00 AM - Shape Machine and Shape Signature Cvetelina Hill, MS Math PhD Student School of Mathematics Georgia Institute of Technology

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Mikyoung Kim - Navigating the Art & Science of the Landscape

Mikyoung Kim shares the work of the Mikyoung Kim Design firm and their research and development of landscapes that focus on environmental and physiological health and well being in the public realm…

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Zena Howard - Culture in Architecture: An Expression of Values

This lecture is presented by the School of Architecture and the Georgia Tech National Organization of Minority Architects Students (NOMAS) Chapter. Zena Howard sees the built environment as an…

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Dana Buntrock - What Could Go Wrong?

Her lecture, titled, "What Could Go Wrong?" asks, "What’s architecture?" Who we are and what we do gets reinvented in response to economic or legal change. In the 1960s and…

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Alan Organschi - The Carbon Positive City: Building in the Bio-Economy

Alan Organschi will join the School of Architecture as the Portman Prize Studio Critic for the Spring 2019 semester. On November 7, Organschi will present a lecture titled, "The Carbon Positive…

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