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Greg Sawicki - Augmenting Human Locomotion with Lower-limb Exoskeletons

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Matthew Gombolay - The Human in Human-Autonomy Interaction

Human-Machine Interation; Machine Learning; Human Factors Engineering; Robotics abstract: New advances in robotics and autonomy offer the promise to revitalize assembly manufacturing, assist in…

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Sonia Chernova - AI-CARING Institute

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Ye Zhao - Resilient Locomotion and Manipulation: Symbolic-Decision-Aware Trajectory Optimization and Perception Considerations

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Aaron Young - The EPIC lab: Assisting human locomotion and rehabilitation using wearable robotics and artificial intelligence (AI)

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Jun Ueda - Safe, Secure, and Stable Motion Control of Telemanipulators

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Ellen Yi Chen Mazumdar - Sensors, Soft Actuators, and Robotic Systems

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Zsolt Kira - Adaptive and Data-Efficient Robot Learning

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Charlie Kemp - From One to Many: My Personal Quest for Meaningful Mobile Manipulation

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Sehoon Ha - Deep Reinforcement Learning for Legged Robots

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Dhruv Batra - Robotics is too important to be left to roboticists

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Fumin Zhang - Maritime Robotic Sensing Networks

The Ocean is playing an ever more important role for the future of mankind. Larger variety of marine robots have been developed and commercialized during the last two decades. These robots may serve…

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Woonhong Yeo - Soft Nanomembrane Sensors and Electronics for Integration with Robots

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Kyriakos G. Vamvoudakis - Bridging Reinforcement Learning and Motion Planning

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Panagiotis Tsiotras - Research Adventures at the Intersection of Control and Robotics

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Frank Dellaert - Factor Graphs for Action

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