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Enriching Silver Nanocrystals with Gold - Dong Qin

Silver nanocrystals have fascinating optical properties known as localized surface plasmon resonance, which is essential to applications in sensing and imaging. For example, Ag nanocubes embrace…

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Landscape Architecture; Urbanism and Art - Martha Schwartz

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Optical Metamaterials: From Linear Responses to Nonlinear Interactions and Beyond - Wenshan Cai

Metamaterials are commonly viewed as artificially-structured media capable of realizing arbitrary effective parameters, in which metals and dielectrics are delicately combined to facilitate the index…

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A Dialogue with Beatrice Mtetwa and Panelists - Beatrice Mtetwa

This symposium brings together individuals whose work reinforces that of Beatrice Mtetwa. They stand as witnesses to the power of a personal commitment to justice and to the work of The Carter…

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Presentation of the Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage 2014 - Jaqueline J. Royster, Travis Denton, G.P. "Bud" Peterson, Beatrice Mtetwa

the 2014 Allen Prize Symposium honors Beatrice Mtetwa and her decades of work as a defender of human rights in Zimbabwe. This recognition of her work touches not only Zimbabwe but affirms a vision of…

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Dialogue with Beatrice Mtetwa and filmmaker Lorie Conway - Beatrice Mtetwa, Lori Conway

"Beatrice Mtetwa and The Rule of Law" documentary film features one of the bravest lawyers in Africa -- Beatrice Mtetwa in Zimbabwe. In spite of beatings by police and being arrested and…

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Movement? - Dorte Mandrup

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New In Situ Electron Microscopy Applications, Research and Techniques - David Nackashi

Applications including batteries, corrosion, catalysis, semiconductors, coatings and structural biology have all led to an increased need for capabilities that allow simultaneous atomic scale…

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Classical Architecture: The Cutting Edge - Allan Greenberg

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Insights and Experiences from Inspirational Women Breaking Barriers in Architecture - NOMA Panel Discussion - Stephanie Harris, Dina Griffin, Ivenue Love-Stanley, Patrise Perkins-Hooker, Roberta Washington

Four distinguished women will reflect on the changing leadership roles of women within architecture, construction, transportation and development. Addressing the challenges and opportunities…

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AGency - Joshua Prince-Ramus

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Solar Energy Conversion Using Artificial Atoms, Molecules and Solids - Tianquan (Tim) Lian

Quantum confined semiconductor nanocrystals have emerged as a new class of light harvesting and charge separation materials in photovoltaic and photocatalyticdevices. Compared with single…

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After Curfew - Cathlyn Newell

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Nano-Enabled Drug Delivery: Exploring Cancer Treatment Opportunities - Alan Porter

We compile large sets of nano-related article and patent abstracts. We then analyze these records to learn about changing research emphases to try to project likely future developmental pathways. In…

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Cooperation - Marc Simmons

"Cooperation" is a talk about Front, Inc.'s work, including projects like the SNFCC Cultural Center in Athens, Greece. Front is a design and façade consulting practice made…

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Active Composites by 4D Printing - Jerry H. Qi

Recent advances in additive manufacturing allow the precise placement of multiple materials at micrometer resolution with essentially no restrictions on the geometric complexity of the spatial…

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