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Resonant MEMS - Oliver Brand

The presentation discusses resonant MEMS and, in particular, resonant microsensors, in which the measurand affects a characteristic of the resonance behavior of a microstructure, such as its…

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WPA 2.0: Beauty, Economics, Politics, Ecology and Creation of the 21st Century Public Infrastructure - Susannah Drake

DLANDstudio provides an integrated approach to project planning, programming, and design. Operating across scales, the firm is committed to exploring how urban, suburban and rural communities can…

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Beer Cans to Pickup Trucks: The Science, Engineering, and Technology of Flat Rolled Aluminum Products - Thomas J. Beck

Novelis is the world leader in flat rolled Aluminum product, and also the global leader in recycled Aluminum. Our products can be found in everything from beer cans to pickup trucks. Each of these…

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Peptide and Protein Nanomaterials: The Design Challenge - Vincent Conticello

Structurally defined materials on the nanometer length-scale have been historically the most challenging to rationally construct and the most difficult to structurally analyze. Sequence-specific…

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Architecture and the Ecology of Objects - Sharon Johnston

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Laufs Engineering Design (LED) ‐ Recent Projects - Will Laufs

The talk presents innovative specialty structures where facade engineering informs new building designs. The following examples are presented: 1) Louis Vuitton Aventura Florida ‐ open‐moulded…

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Learning From "Coffee Rings": Ordered Structures Crafted by Controlled Evaporative Self‐Assembly and Flow‐Enabled Self‐Assembly - Zhiqun Lin

Self-assembly of micro- and nano-scale materials to form well-ordered structures promises new opportunities for developing miniaturized electronic, optoelectronic, and magnetic devices. In this…

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Cross Pollination - Eric Richey

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Intentionality - Marc Simmons

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Organic and Hybrid Materials for Photonics and Electronics - Joseph Perry

In this talk, I will present an overview of my group’s research on materials for photonics and electronics. Polymethine dyes are promising materials for nonlinear optical processes such as…

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Here to There - Scott Marble

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Adaptation - David Benjamin

This talk will cover Benjamin's work with The Living, which brings new technologies to life by proposing design as a living, breathing ecosystem. The lecture is followed by a roundtable…

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Nanoplasmonics: The Physics behind the Applications - Mark I. Stockman

Nanoplasmonics deals with collective electron dynamics on the surfaces of metal nanostructures, which arises due to excitations called surface plasmons. The surface plasmons localize and…

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An Optical Rectenna - Baratunde Cola

An optical rectenna – that is, a device that directly converts free‐propagating electromagnetic waves at optical frequencies to d.c. electricity – was first proposed over 40 years…

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