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Steven Balakirsky - Knowledge Driven Robotics: What the future holds

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Animesh Garg - Foundation Models for Decision Making in Robotics: LLMs & Pre-Training

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Zsolt Kira - Robotics in the Era of Vision-Language Foundation Models

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Brad Range & Daniel Olivero - Reliable Robotics at Scale

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Ye Zhao - Safe Humanoid Locomotion and Navigation: Challenges and Opportunities

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Shreyas Kousik - Safety for Widespread Robot Autonomy

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Karen Feigh - Expectations and Needs for Interaction in Human Robot Interaction

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Seth Hutchinson - Robotics Days for Industry 2023 Welcome and Overview

IRIM hosted Robotics Days for Industry on Wednesday and Thursday, November 29-30, 2023 in Klaus Advanced Computing Building (Room 1116) located at 266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta GA, 30332.

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Foad Hamidi - Investigating Transdisciplinary Approaches for Community-engagement

Participatory design (PD) offers powerful and inclusive principles and methods for enabling mutual learning among diverse stakeholders and interested parties. As our society’s aspirations for…

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Anne C. McLaughlin — Augment, Diminish, Remap Reality: Freeing the Mind and its Resources

Our senses and minds construct our reality. Both are inherently limited and we naturally seek tools to improve our experiences. Anyone who covers their ears as a siren roars past, turns on closed…

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Stefanos Nikolaidis — Algorithmic Scenario Generation As Quality Diversity Optimization

The advent of state-of-the-art machine learning models and complex human-robot interaction systems has been accompanied by an increasing need for the efficient generation of diverse and challenging…

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Michael Posa - Do We Really Need all that Data? Learning and Control for Contact-rich Manipulation

For all the promise of big-data machine learning, what will happen when robots deploy to our homes and workplaces and inevitably encounter new objects, new tasks, and new environments? If a solution…

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Bradley Dickerson - Functionally Stratified Encoding in a Biological Gyroscope

Flies are among nature’s most agile flying creatures. This exquisite maneuverability is due in part to their possession of specialized mechanosensory organs known as the halteres. The halteres…

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Mengyao Li —Measure and Manage Trust in Human-AI Conversations

Artificial Intelligence (AI), with its increasing capability and connectivity, extends beyond limited and well-defined contexts and is integrated into broader societal domains. AI algorithms now…

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Maria Gorlatova — Edge and IoT-supported Augmented Reality: Promise, Challenges, and Solutions

Mobile augmented reality (AR), which integrates virtual objects with 3D real environments in real time, has been showing outstanding potential in many application areas including education, retail,…

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Extension of Community: what it means to be sustainable in a digital world

Extension of Community: what it means to be sustainable in a digital world explores the intersection of science, technology and art, asking questions such as; How have our technological and digital…

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