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Welcome - Ian Bogost et al

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Concluding Remarks - Barbara Stafford

Barbara Maria Stafford is the William B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor, Emerita, at the University of Chicago. Her work explors the intersections between the visual arts and the physical and…

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The Universe of Things - Steven Shaviro et al

I would like to suggest that taking objects seriously, affirming their independent existence, recognizing that every object or entity has its own "perspective" without reductionism and…

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An Introduction to the Helium Ion Microscope - John Notte

Although conceived 50 years ago, the helium ion microscope has only recently been realized as a commercial product. Now with several of these instruments deployed at scientific institutions…

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The Free Facade - Jim Njoo

Jim Njoo completed his undergraduate studies in architecture at the University of Waterloo, Canada and has a graduate degree (D.E.A.) in architectural history and theory from the Ecole…

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Functional Nanoscale Polymers and Structures for Controlling/Studying Material-Cell Interactions - Ishrat Khan

Functional nanomaterials have a broad range of potential uses in biomedical applications e.g. drugs, drug-delivery, tissue engineering, diagnostics. Synthetic, functionalized, biocompatible…

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The GT Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) on New Electronic Materials: Research, Education and Outreach - Dennis Hess

The Georgia Tech Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) was established by NSF in September 2008. This Center is funded for 6 years and is a cross-disciplinary effort involving …

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Glass Grits and Steel - Frank Harmon

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American Objects vs. Austrian Objects - Graham Harman et al

This lecture aims to place present-day object-oriented ontology (OOO) in historical context. The recent appearance of this movement in continental philosophy has led some to ask how it differs from…

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Multilayer Epitaxial Graphene: The New Substrate for Graphene Electronics - Edward Conrad

Graphene has been advertised both as a unique electron system for 2D physics research and as a platform for carbon electronics. Despite these claims, only a few of the fundamental properties of…

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Small things - Coleman Coker

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Cakes, Chips, and Calculus - Ian Bogost et al

For decades, scholars in the liberal arts have relinquished wonder to the natural sciences, and then swooped in ostentatiously to blame their awe on false consciousness. Science and engineering gets…

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3D Integration: A New Era for the Integrated Circuit - Muhannad Bakir

The information revolution has been the most important economic event of the past century and its most powerful driver has been the silicon integrated circuit (IC). Over the past fifty years, the…

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