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Temperature Compensated MEMS Reference Oscillators with Sub-PPM Instability - Roozbeh Tabrizian

Silicon MEMS oscillators provide several advantages over their quartz crystal counterparts including on-chip integration, small form factor and low phase noise resulted from high Q of the …

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Formation and Growth Mechanisms of Single-Walled Metal Oxide Nanotubes - Ipek Yucelen

Metal oxide nanotubes have emerged as an important class of ‘building block’ materials for molecular recognition-based applications in catalysis, separations, sensing, and molecular …

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Engineering of Nanoparticles for Mitochondrial Trafficking of Therapeutics and Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases - Shanta Dhar

The potential benefits of integrating nanomaterials with properties such as biodegradability, magnetization, fluorescence, and near-infrared absorption into a single object of nanoscale …

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Fabrication of Nanoscale Microwave Detectors and Generators Based on the Ratchet Effect - T.J. Beck

Microwave radiation induced photovoltage in two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) materials is a promising system for supporting carrier transport without the need for an externally applied bias.…

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Nano and Micromechanics of Biological Tissues - Delphine Dean

Using a variety of experimental techniques and modeling approaches, the mechanical properties of biological tissues can be characterized over a large range of length scales. One can look at…

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Three Short Stories Without an Ending - Francisco Rodriguez

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Nurbsters, Foldsters and Neoplasmatic Architecture - Marcos Cruz

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Application Specific Research in Nanotechnology - W. Jud Ready

The GTRI Nanotechnology lab focuses on the study electronic applications of carbon nanotubes (CNTs). The applications are primarily focused on the use of CNTs to form a 3-D light-trapping array…

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Control - Mimi Hoang

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Parametric Order - 21st Century Architectural Order - Patrik Schumacher

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Carbon-Containing Nanocomposite Materials for Energy Storage - Gleb Yushin

High power energy storage devices, such as supercapacitors and Li-ion batteries, are critical for the development of zero-emission electrical vehicles, large scale smart grid, and energy …

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Reflecting Absence; the Nation 9/11 Memorial - Michael Arad

Georgia Tech architecture alumnus Michael Arad’s memorial to those killed in the attacks on September 11, 2001, received rave reviews. "Reflecting Absence” is a serene, public space…

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Site Immaterial - Danielle Roney

Danielle Roney is an artist working with the hybridization of global identity structures relational to virtual and physical mobility. Working with digital media, immersive environments and…

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Microscale Integrated Systems for Ultrasound Imaging and Sensing in Coronary Arteries - Levent Degertekin

Current intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) imaging systems only offer side-looking capabilities and cannot generate images of the volume in front of the catheter. An IVUS catheter that can provide…

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Five Recent Projects: Investigations in Space, Light, and Material - Maryann Thompson

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Show Up - Speak Up - Stand Up - Joy Buolamwini

Join the Office of Undergraduate Studies for another great installment of This I Believe with Joy Buolamwini, a third-year computer science major from Cordova, Tenn. Joy has accomplished quite a bit…

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