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Convergence: Recent Works by Rawlins Design - Christopher Rawlins

Christopher Rawlins lectures on a spate of recent work which traces the profound impact of New York City and Fire Island on the formation of his ideas.…

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Selective Deposition of Au onto 40-nm Ag Nanocubes with Excellent Plasmonic Properties and Chemical Stability - Yin Yang

Silver nanocrystals have received considerable attention owing to their fascinating optical properties known as localized surface plasmon resonance for applications in surfaceenhanced Raman…

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Morphological and Mechanical Behavior of Fibrin Clots in Healthy, Diabetic, and Sickle Cell Anemia Disease States - Natalie Fan

Fibrinogen is an extracellular plasma protein involved in the clotting process of the vascular system. Following the initiation of the coagulation cascade in response to injury to a blood vessel,…

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MEMS-based Approaches for Overcoming Sensory Loss in the Vestibular and Auditory Systems - Pamela Bhatti

Dysfunctions in the vestibular (balance) system often lead to debilitating symptoms of vertigo, disorientation, visual blurring and falls. Falls are the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal…

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The Elegance of Topology: a Return to Site Design - Christophe Girot

Topology is a term in landscape architecture which equates with the term tectonics in architecture. Broadly defined, it is about an intelligent and structured response to terrain. Topology…

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Engineering Biomimetic Microsystems for Nanomedicine - YongTae "Tony" Kim

Nanomedicine – the application of nanotechnology to healthcare – encompasses the rapidly expanding field of drug delivery using nanomaterials. The advanced treatment of diseases, such…

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The Way Things Go - Tatiana Bilbao

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Integrated Design and Scalable Manufacturing of Lightweight, Multifunctional Buckypaper Materials - Chuck Zhang

The manufacturing of lightweight, multifunctional composites is a fast-growing industry of enormous importance. Research and advancements have resulted in innovative uses of composites in …

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Polymeric Semiconductors: Molecular Ordering, Charge Transport and Macroscale Mobility - Elsa Reichmanis

The performance of devices fabricated using polymeric semiconductors depends critically upon alignment of the polymer chains at the nano- through macro-scales. Significant structure-process-…

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Moving Space - Laurie Hawkinson

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Nanocomposites for Radiation Sensing - Brent Wagner

Transparent polymer and glass-matrix based nanocomposite scintillators were developed for scintillation applications. Quantum dot polymer composites, fluoride nanophosphor epoxy composites and…

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