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Transformative Energy: Energy Sources Integrated into Military Installation Design - Ira Campbell, Sr.

Can a military installation create clean energy for itself? Although this is a great question, the reality is that with huge power demands, the piezoelectric systems that would be installed would…

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Extraterrestrial Organic Analyzers: Microfluidic Approaches to Astrobiology’s Questions - Amanda Stockton

Microfluidics offers multiple unique and powerful tools with which to address astrobiology’s big questions, including “Is there life beyond Earth?” One key microfluidic technology…

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Where We Want to Live - Ryan Gravel

Ryan Gravel, author of the original Georgia Tech thesis that initiated the Atlanta Beltline, presents his new book, “Where We Want to Live – Reclaiming Infrastructure for a New Generation…

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Sean Carroll - The Origin of the Universe and the Arrow of Time

One of the most obvious facts about the universe is that the past is different from the future. We can remember yesterday, but not tomorrow; we can turn an egg into an omelet, but can't turn an…

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Advances in Ion Trap Quantum Computing - Spencer Fallek

With the advent of very-large-scale integration (VLSI), we have seen incredible improvements in computational power over the past four decades. However, there are certain problems which are…

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To What Extent Can Complex Two‐Phase Transport Be Manipulated at Micro/Nanoscale? - Chen Li

Two-phase transport is promising in addressing the cooling challenges facing high power microelectronics. Through evaporation of latent heat, two-phase heat transfer can enable a uniform…

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Adaptation and Transformation - Graham Haworth

The work of London based architectural studio Haworth Tompkins is founded on the belief in the potential of new architecture to bring about positive change. In this talk, founding Design Director…

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Machine Epistemology - Rachel Dickey

The Machine Epistemology lecture will introduce a collection of projects, developed as part of research and practice, which attempt to demonstrate the potential of epistemic design agency. Adopting…

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The Architects' Scale - Brigitte Shim

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Building Advocacy ‐ Who Builds Your Architecture? - Mabel O. Wilson

As an ongoing advocacy project, Who Builds Your Architecture? (WBYA?) asks architects and allied fields to better understand how the production of buildings connects their practices to migrant…

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Commercialization and Public Values Implications of Nanotechnology - Jan Youtie

This talk defines public values and examines how these values can be mapped into the Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program in the context of the emergence of nanotechnology. I-Corps is a program…

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Decidedly Unconventional: Creating Large Scale, Interactive Sculpture - Blessing Hancock

This lecture will look into the professional practice of international artist, Blessing Hancock. Blessing will describe her approach to business, design, technology and the creative process through a…

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Pathways to Improved Performance of Electrochemical Systems Through an Understanding of Dynamic Materials Processes - Matt McDowell

Dynamic materials processes such as phase transformations, corrosion, and nucleation/growth can play key roles during operation of devices for electrochemical energy storage and conversion;…

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Building Positive: Raising Human Spirit Through Design - Stephen McDowell

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Spielraum - Frank Barkow

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Structure – Process - Property Relationships Governing Solution Processed Semiconductor Performance - Elsa Reichmanis

Polymeric semiconductors are promising materials for the commercialization of large‐area, low‐cost and flexible electronics. Their electrical properties are extremely sensitive to structure at…

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