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A Bridge Between Architecture and Civil Engineering - Santiago Calatrava

Special public lecture presented on December 13, 2013 from 2:00- 3:00 pm in the LeCraw Auditorium, Scheller College of Business.

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Particle-Stabilized Emulsions and the Surprising Effects of Particle Charge and Nano-Scale Roughness - Sven Behrens

It has been known for more than a century that colloidal particles with the “right” wetting properties can stabilize emulsions, much like surfactants or amphiphilic polymers do. Today,…

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The Big Bang - Anton Garca-Abril

The Music Studies Centre and the SGAE Central Office in Santiago de Compostela, completed in 2004 and set in a masterplan by Arata Isosaki, sets out three walls which confront one another: a …

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Roundtable Discussion: 50 Years of Diversity in the Atlanta AEC Community - Stefan Chase et al

NOMA Atlanta second event in celebration of 50 Years of Diversity in the Atlanta AEC Community: Celebrating our Trailblazers of Change which honors The 1963 March on Washington for Jobs and…

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Mythbusting Scientific Knowledge Transfer with Collaborative Research and Dissemination with Quantifiable Impact on Research and Education - Timothy Fisher

In the 1960’s, university-based open source code development and sharing led to breakthroughs in the electronic design software that ultimately powered the semiconductor industry. Other…

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Resiliency, Innovation & Collaboration - Julie Hiromoto

Resiliency, Innovation & Collaboration is a personal reflection on designing and executing One World Trade Center; integrating next-generation, green building design and research, at the Center…

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Swiss Touch in Landscape Architecture - Michael Jakob

Landscape architecture continually transforms the environment and the way we approach it. This modern discipline, which began around 1800, quickly evolved throughout the twentiethcentury. It…

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Nanoscience of Metal Silicate-Based Pigments - Tina Salguero

The colored component of several important ancient pigments, including Egyptian blue and Han blue, are based on alkali earth copper tetrasilicate materials. In recent work, we have found that these…

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Contingencies - Brian Bell et al

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Plasma Etching at IEN: An Overview of Equipment and Processes - Hang Chen

Plasma etching has become one of the most important techniques in IC fabrication. It plays a critical role in creating geometries of extremely small size for highly integrated devices. Plasma…

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Detroit City is the Place to Be - Mark Binelli

Once America's capitalist dream town, Detroit is our country's greatest urban failure, having fallen the longest and the farthest. But the city's worst crisis yet (and that's…

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Fabrication, Characterization, and Modeling of Silicon-on-Insulator Field-Effect-Transistor Nanoribbon Biosensors - Eric M. Vogel

For over 30 years, field effect transistors (FETs) have been used as sensors. In the past, Ion-Sensitive-FETs (ISFET) were based on bulk Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (MOS) FET designs and the device…

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