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Marcel Wilson - Bionic@X

Bionic is a landscape architecture and urban design practice in founded on the mandate to “enable life” in an increasingly complicated and changing world. After a decade of acting on…

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Lines in the City - Isabel Castilla

Utilizing three projects characterized for their linear form and unique existing conditions, the lecture will describe the design process of public spaces of large scale that seek to activate…

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WPA 2.0: Beauty, Economics, Politics, Ecology and Creation of the 21st Century Public Infrastructure - Susannah Drake

DLANDstudio provides an integrated approach to project planning, programming, and design. Operating across scales, the firm is committed to exploring how urban, suburban and rural communities can…

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The Elegance of Topology: a Return to Site Design - Christophe Girot

Topology is a term in landscape architecture which equates with the term tectonics in architecture. Broadly defined, it is about an intelligent and structured response to terrain. Topology…

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Reflecting Absence; the Nation 9/11 Memorial - Michael Arad

Georgia Tech architecture alumnus Michael Arad’s memorial to those killed in the attacks on September 11, 2001, received rave reviews. "Reflecting Absence” is a serene, public space…

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Douglas C. Allen Lecture - James Corner

James Corner is a registered landscape architect and urban designer, and founder and director of james corner field operations, where he oversees the production of all design projects in the office.…

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