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Randall S. Deutsch - Dreamers of the Day: Designing Possibilities

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Best Practices for Collaborating with Colleagues, Industry and Information Seekers: The TRAIL Story

Virtual Conference, Special Library Association, September 20, 2020 Daureen Nesdill served as Moderator. She explained how TRAIL started 14 years ago as an effort to preserve federal technical…

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Jaleesa Trapp - Keynote CEISMC at Georgia Tech STEAM Leadership Conference 2020

You Belong Here: Shifting Power and Creating Equitable STEAM Learning Spaces Keynote by: Jaleesa Trapp Ph.D. Student MIT Media LabCEISMC at Georgia Tech STEAM Leadership Conference 2020April 20, 2020…

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Jennifer Neville - Towards Relational AI: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Learning over Networks

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Eliu Antonio Huerta Escudero - Convergence of Deep Learning and High Performance Computing: A Paradigm Shift for Multi-Messenger Astrophysics

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Daniel Neill - Machine Learning and Event Detection for Population Health

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John McDonald - The Potential of Machine Learning for Improved Diagnostics and Treatment

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Ross Thomson - Tools and Methods for Machine Learning

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SIAGA Journal Presentation

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ECE 6335 03-15-2017

Professor Harley

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An Evening Lecture near Piccadilly Circus that Changed the World - Rafael Benguria

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Honeycomb Schroedinger Operators in the Strong Binding Regime - Michael Weinstein

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Universality of transport coefficients in the HaldaneHubbard model - Alessandro Giuliani

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Analytic Properties of Dispersion Relations and Spectra of Periodic Operators - A Survey - Peter Kuchment

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Emergent Pfaffian Relations in QuasiPlanar Models - Michael Aizenman

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A class of asymmetric gapped Hamiltonians on quantum spin chains and its characterization - Yoshiko Ogata

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