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Online Resources in the Georgia Tech Archives

This video discusses four online resources you can use to find materials in the Georgia Tech Archives: Collection Descriptions, Digital Portal, SMARTech, and the Georgia Tech library catalog.

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Georgia Tech Archives Collecting Areas

This video discusses the subject areas, formats, and types of materials you can find in the Georgia Tech Archives.

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What are Archives?

In this video, you will learn what archives do, what they collect, and why they are important. Preservation and access to archival materials is also discussed.

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SMARTech Research Tutorial

Learn how to search the SMARTech repository to find research-related materials.

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Session J: Global Learning Center Room 222

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Session B: Global Learning Center Room 323

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IP7 Gaussian Graphical Models from an Algebraic, Geometric and Combinatorial Perspective

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SIAGA Journal Presentation

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IP2 On the Stability of Solutions in Numerical Algebraic Geometry

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01_l_Definition of ML(withGT)

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Introduction Analytics Modeling

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