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Convert Between Binary and Decimal Numbering Systems

This video will cover the following: Positional notation review Powers of 10 review Decimal - base 10 numbering review Binary - base 2 numbering review Convert an IP address in binary to decimal…

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IP10 Structured Polynomial Systems in Cryptography

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IP9 Caratheodory Style Theorems for Discrete Optimization and Game Theory

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IP8 Open Problems in Finite Frame Theory

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SP1 SIAG/AG Early Career Prize Lecture: A Brief History of Smale's 17th Problem

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IP6 Curves with Complex Multiplication and Applications to Cryptography

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IP3 Algebraic Geometry for Geometric Modeling

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IP1 Uses of Algebraic Geometry and Representation Theory in Complexity Theory

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ECE 6335 03-29-2017

Professor Harley

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ECE 6335 03-27-2017

Professor Harley

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Microlocal Methods in Dynamical Systems - Maciej Zworski

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Gene Finding as Computer Science and Machine Learning Problem- Mark Borodovsky

Gene Finding as Computer Science and Machine Learning Problem- Mark Borodovsky

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