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Ashok Goel, Rob Kadel, Lauren Margulieux, Brittany Aiello - Blended Learning in Practice: A Guide for Practitioners and Researchers

A Guide for Practitioners and Researchers (MIT Press) A guide to both theory and practice of blended learning offering rigorous research, case studies, and methods for the assessment of educational…

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Thomas C. Reeves - How Educational Design Research Can Help Win the Race Between Human Learning and Machine Learning

Over the past 25 years, major advances have been made in the development of machine learning, also referred to as "deep learning," a branch of artificial intelligence (AI) whereby computers…

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Jack Suess - Using IMS Standards to Advance Next-Generation Digital Learning Environments (NGDLE)

The NGDLE is a vision for a learning ecosystem not a detailed technical specification. As such, the NGDLE will evolve over time as technology matures and the research in teaching & learning…

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GVU Center Brown Bag Seminar: Thomas Ploetz "Machine Learning for Sensor Data Analysis in HCI"

ABSTRACTMany contemporary systems in human computer interaction (HCI) including mobile and ubiquitous computing are based on some form of automated sensor data analysis. Prominent examples are…

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Bridging Public Health and Technology--- Why Innovation Matters

ABSTRACT Leveraging the power of data The factors affecting our health are wide-ranging, from inefficient or underfunded systems, to new and changing health threats, to natural disasters,…

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Learning About Personal Experiences & Their Outcomes: Analyzing Social Media as an Observational Study

ABSTRACT For years now, millions of people share details about their real-world experiences on social media, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Reddit. Using causal inference methods, we can data mine…

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Disrupt Education or Make It Better? The Rhetoric & Implementation of Educational Technology

ABSTRACT Karen Head’s book Disrupt This!: MOOCs and the Promises of Technology (UPNE, 2017) employs a rhetorical lens to deconstruct and analyze some of the arguments and vision statements…

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WebAR, WebVR, and the Democratization of Mixed Reality & ACCelerate Event

Come early ahead of the seminar for a preview of juried projects heading to the ACCelerate Creativity and Innovation Festival taking place Oct. 13-15, 2017, at the Smithsonian National Museum of…

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Platforms in the Public Interest: Lessons from Minitel

ABSTRACT Platforms such as Facebook predominate cyberspace today, providing private infrastructures for public culture. These systems are so massive that it's easy to forget that the digital…

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In the first GVU Brown Bag Seminar of the academic year, Keith Edwards, GVU Center Director and Professor of Interactive Computing, will kick off our talk series with an overview of the GVU Center…

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