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Setting Power Amplifier Input Levels

How to properly set the sensitivity knob on your audio amplifier.

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Understanding PAG and NAG (Potential Acoustic Gain) (Needed Acoustic Gain)

Is the Audio System Stable? Is it free from 'ringing' and 'feedback'? We can calculate this to give us the best results out of our Audio System using PAG and NAG math formulas

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ECE6390(02): Circular and Elliptical Orbits

Circular and Elliptical Orbit Discussion/Problems

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ECE8813(02): Antennas in Circuits for Communications and Energy Harvesting

Discussion of Antennas in Circuits and Electronics for Energy Harvesting

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ECE8813(01): Introduction; Trends in Power and Computation

Introductory remarks and a discussion of power and computational trends, along with a discussion of RF conventions and basic radiation theory.

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ECE6390(01): Introduction, Syllabus, and Assignments

Introduction to course mechanics and resources for learning material in class.

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Rich DeMillo Switzerland interview 090716

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